Harsco Infrastructure

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Harsco Infrastructure is a newly created combination of three long-established Harsco companies: SGB and Hünnebeck in Europe and the Middle and Far East, and Patent in North, Central and South America.
With a staff of over 10,000 professionals and operating subsidiaries in 32 countries, we are one of the biggest organisations in our sector. What makes us different however, goes beyond the scale of our activity. SGB, Hünnebeck and Patent together offer more than three hundred years of experience in our fields and we have acquired vast reservoirs of expertise on construction sites and industrial facilities around the world. Harsco's strategy in bringing the three companies together as Harsco Infrastructure is designed to pool all these reservoirs of knowledge. By enhancing the way we share expertise internally, we are exceptionally well placed to cross-transfer ideas and information, to engineer innovative solutions and to successfully meet the safety, programming and budgetary criteria on any project. 
Product and service range
Harsco Infrastructure specialises in the supply of scaffolding, access, formwork, shoring, cabins, modular buildings and site safety services for construction and industrial maintenance applications.
Leveraging our health and safety expertise, extensive and unique product range, global footprint and strong financial position ensures you will be working with a true partner who can assist with all your project needs.
For details of how we can provide you with ‘Insight onsite™’, please visit our website