So much more than just welfare…

Product and service innovation have always been at the heart of Advanté and are fundamental drivers for our success to date. Most of our earliest adopters still use Oasis Welfare today, which demonstrates our commitment to developing effective solutions to suit our clients’ ever-changing needs.

The following Oasis innovations were achieved through successful collaboration with our clients to support them in meeting both their sustainability and safety aims on site.




Oasis EcoLogic:

Our unique Oasis EcoLogic instant start welfare range is designed to provide mainly silent running welfare with canteen and/or office facilities, 24/7 drying facilities and 1 or 2 toilets, all in one self-contained unit.

10 Reasons for choosing Oasis EcoLogic:

Ecologic reasons

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Oasis EcoMax:

If you need more desks in the office or a larger meeting space for staff, look no further than our unique double-stacked instant start welfare range. When you choose EcoMax welfare, your site will benefit from the same features in our EcoLogic range AND MORE…

  • More space, less footprint: 
    The first floor unit is powered by the ground floor unit, providing a complete instant start welfare set-up that also takes up the lowest possible compound footprint.
  • More desks in the office:
    You will benefit from a large open plan meeting room/office upstairs and have the option of a separate Manager’s office, in addition to your choice of welfare unit on the ground floor.
  • And the list goes on…

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Oasis EcoLogic A+: 

We have taken our EcoLogic Welfare range to new levels when it comes to energy and environmental performance. EcoLogic A+ units are now available for hire.

  • A+ Energy Efficiency - and Environmental Impact (CO2) Rating
  • High-tech insulation - improved thermal efficiency & double glazed, tilt & turn windows with deep seal
  • Energy saving LED lighting - with automatic on/off PIR sensor detection


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EcoLogic WashStation:

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Oasis unit provides 3 separate washrooms and is designed to support construction sites in meeting the increased need for hand washing and social distancing.

  • 3 x Hand Wash Basins - separate cubicles with external door access
  • Safe & hygienic - non-touch soap dispenser & pedal operated taps
  • Powered by Solar (electrical) & LPG (water heating) - low CO2 emissions
  • Fully self-contained (no generator) - zero engine emissions
  • PIR controlled LED lighting - energy saving on/off sensor detection

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Oasis PowerStation: 

This unit is our award-winning solution to facilitating a cable-free site by providing a safe battery charging environment that can be positioned close to emission-free works.

  • Eliminate the need for temporary electrics on site
  • Reduce slips, trips & falls caused by trailing cables
  • Charge multiple battery powered tools & equipment
  • Charge electric vehicles, plant & machinery

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