Advanté invented the concept of instant start welfare through our Oasis range and are now the supplier of choice for many of the major players in the construction industry. Our brand name has become the generic term for welfare units, but please don’t forget that not all welfare units are Oasis units! 

Quality welfare and service

The Oasis welfare units are being widely used on a variety of Morgan Sindall and Lovell sites nationwide. Our reputation is based on our quality product and service as well as our pro-active approach and the importance we place on understanding our Customer’s requirements. We have in place a Client Charter for the Oasis experience, which outlines our commitment to our Clients and details the service you can expect from Advanté and Oasis.


The next generation of instant start welfare

Today's sites have a need for more office and welfare space from day one of a new site, while taking up the lowest possible footprint.

The EcoMax unit provides the solution to this in a unique way. It’s powered via the same proven technology that’s in our EcoLogic range, which gives high fuel efficiency in use. The all-new framed staircase (another Advanté patented invention) means erection of the set-up is quick and more importantly very safe.

Once in place, the set-up can easily be relocated, giving total total flexibility of build programme, an advantage, which in itself can bring large savings on project costs.


The EcoLogic range offers the latest thinking in ‘green’ welfare and with reduction of sites’ Carbon Footprint on top of everyone’s agenda, both the EcoLogic and WelGen range will give sites significant benefits in reducing Carbon emissions when compared with diesel powered alternatives.

Whilst the green credentials of these new units are of course important, the comfort of the people actually using the units for their welfare has of course not been compromised. The EcoLogic range consists of 3 models, allowing site to choose the model which best suits their individual site’s requirements.

Don't forget about out Transport

In addition to providing quality site accommodation to your site, we are increasingly recognised as a leading provider of reliable transport services. Our fleet of lorries all comply with the latest legislation and the capability of our lorries means we are able to carry out a full range of transport services from delivering cabins to your site to moving your owned accommodation or materials on site or site-to-site.

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