RVT Group

An Introduction to RVT Group

RVT Group (formerly Rentavent) is dedicated to protecting people’s health on site with temporary-environment control. We understand the pressure on site to get the work done and yet protect everyone with effective control of dust, fumes, noise, and air quality.

We provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards and maintain a productive work environment. The RVT Group specialise in the monitoring and control of noise, dust, fumes, exhaust fumes, ventilation and climate.

We offer a free site survey for every project to ensure that control is targeted and effective. In addition, our four-point customer contact programme ensures that every customer receives the very best service from RVT group.

For more information please visit www.rvtgroup.co.uk

Catalogue Information

The RVT Group specialise in noise, dust, fume, exhaust, ventilation and climate control.

Soundex Noise Control – These robust acoustic curtains, offer the highest acoustic attenuation in the industry, with up to 35.6 dB(A) noise reduction (as verified by Bureau Veritas). They are also weather resistant, fire resistant and scaffolding approved. For more information please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/noise/index.php

Dustex Dust Control – Ineffective dust collection on construction sites accounts for a significant number of lung disease deaths in the UK. RVT Group therefore provide a wide range of dust monitoring and control equipment to help improve health and safety onsite. For more information please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/dust/index.php

Ravex Fume and Exhaust Control – Over 500,000 workers are exposed to dangerous levels of fumes each year; RVT Group therefore provide diesel filter kits, fume extraction kits and welding filter kits. For more information on fume equipment please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/fume/index.php or for exhaust fume equipment please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/exhaustfumes/index.php

Ventex Ventilation Equipment - Low levels of oxygen or presence of harmful fumes or chemicals in the air can be potentially fatal; RVT Group therefore provide a unique range of high-powered fans, ventilation ducting and air filters. For more information please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/ventilation/index.php

Climex Climate Control – RVT Group provide both heating and cooling solutions, so that you can ensure your project remains on track no matter the weather. Our heating and drying-out solutions are particularly useful in the cold and wet months of the year. For more information please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/equipment/climatecontrol/equipment.php

H&S, Environmental, Quality and Sustainability Policies - RVT Group recognise that continuous improvement to health, safety, environmental and quality management are key to a sustainable business. Please therefore find our relevant policies attached.